We believe that the best opportunity to properly train a majority of the population to be safe drivers is through quality instruction in the high schools. The California Legislature declared, “...highway accidents can and must be reduced through the education and training of drivers prior to licensing, and this instruction properly belongs in the high school..." (Ed Code 41912) We wholeheartedly agree!

However, for economic reasons, Educational Agencies are not providing these necessary and essential services to our young drivers. That's why FreeDriversEdOnline.Com was created, to provide school districts and schools valuable and needed resources to teach driver safety to our youth.

We appreciate and thank those companies, groups, and individuals who have contributed and supported our efforts to provide this vital program for our youth. Your support helps us improve teen driving safety and save lives.


* Drivers Education On-line
* Behind the Wheel Training
*Adult Driving Lessons
* Use of our car for DMV Testing
* Mature Driving Program
* Employee Evaluations